Activate or deactivate log collection for a property

To better control log data that your DataStream collects for individual properties, you can update the DataStream behavior in a property configuration.

You can configure the behavior to:
  • Disable log collection for a property.
  • Collect logs only from specific data streams.
To do any of that, you need to create a version of your property configuration in Property Manager and edit the existing DataStream configuration.

It’s a quick way of overriding the global settings configured in the DataStream application and excluding a property from being part of its associated data streams. Changes you introduce in your property configuration take about 15 minutes to take effect across the Akamai platform. For example, you can quickly disable log collection for one property in a data stream on finding a security incident but keep monitoring other properties associated with this data stream.

Before you begin

Check the identifiers of the data streams that monitor this property. You'll need this data to if you want to receive logs only form these data streams. See Viewing options.

How to

  1. Use the top-right menu in the header to select the appropriate Control Center account (one with access to the applicable product).
  2. Access Property Manager configurations associated with the selected Control Center account. Go to > CDN > Properties (or just enter Properties in the search box).
    The Property Groups page opens.
  3. Click the Property Name link for your property.
  4. On the Property Details page, click the Version of your configuration that you want to access in Manage Versions and Activations.
    The Property Manager Editor appears.
  5. If your property is already active, click Edit New Version to introduce your changes.
  6. Find the DataStream behavior in the Default Rule or custom rule and introduce your changes.
  7. In the DataStream section, do the following:
    1. Set the Enable switch to enable or disable log collection for this property.
    2. Optional: In DataStream ID(s), select the identifiers of the associated data streams that you want to log this property's transactions. These are the only data streams that will collect logs for this property.
      Note: If you leave this field empty, the DataStream behavior collects data from all active streams associated with the property.
  8. On the Activate tab, click Activate v# on Production.

What you should see

Once the property version is active on the production network, your data streams take about 15 minutes to adapt to the changes.

Next steps

If you deployed any of the data streams monitoring this property in an inactive state, remember to activate them in the DataStream application. See Activate or deactivate a stream.