Supported resource record types

Supported record types

Edge DNS supports the Internet (IN) class, and the following record types.

Type Definition
A IPv4 address
AAAA IPv6 address
AFSDB AFS database
AKAMAICDN An Akamai private resource record for zone apex mapping
AKAMAITLC An Akamai private resource record for top-level CNAME that can only be configured by Technical Support. Akamai recommends using AKAMAICDN instead.
CAA Certification authority authorization
CNAME Canonical name
DNSKEY DNS key. Stores the public key used for RRset signatures. Required for DNS security extensions (DNSSEC).
DS Delegation signer. Parent zone pointer to a child zone’s DNSKEY. Required for DNSSEC.
HINFO System information
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.
LOC Location
MX Mail exchange
NAPTR Naming authority pointer
NS Name server
NSEC Next-secure. Available for self-signed secondary zones only.
NSEC3 Next-secure, version 3. Used for authenticated NXDOMAIN. Required for DNSSEC.
NSEC3PARAM NSEC3 parameters
PTR Pointer
RP Responsible person
RRSIG DNSSEC signature. Stores the signature for an RRset. Required for DNSSEC.
SOA Start of a zone authority record
SPF Sender policy framework
SVCB SVCB-- Service Bind.
SRV Service locator
TLSA TLSA certificate association
TXT Text