Edge DNS is an authoritative DNS service. It provides a secure, high-performance, scalable, and highly available edge service for authoritative DNS. Edge DNS uses Akamai's global deployment of thousands of name servers across multiple networks, uses IP anycast, and relies on a proprietary implementation of the DNS protocol as a common component of the Intelligent PlatformTM.

Edge DNS complements existing web infrastructures, whether deployed in a private data center or public cloud, connecting users with their desired destination.

Edge DNS features include:

  • A proprietary implementation of the DNS protocol that uses Akamai's worldwide DNS infrastructure.
  • Support for primary and secondary zones.
  • DNSSEC, when Edge DNS is purchased with the Security Option feature.
  • Zone Apex Mapping, which reduces DNS lookup times for websites on the Intelligent Platform.
  • Alias zones, which base themselves on another Edge DNS zone's resource records.
  • Support for vanity name servers, which can point at Edge DNS anycast IPs. IP Anycast provides a decentralized DNS service to end users. With IP Anycast, you can create a logical name server that comprises multiple physical name servers deployed across multiple networks and continents.
  • APIs for programmatic access to reporting data and zone management.
  • Log delivery services to access transaction logs.
  • Compliance with RFCs 1034 and 1035.


Here are the roles most commonly responsible for managing Edge DNS:

  • Site administrators
  • Project managers
  • Technical support providers