Download a zone file for secondary zones

You can view the contents of a secondary zone by downloading the currently active zone file for that secondary zone. The zone file contains the DNS database records for all of the names within the secondary zone. These records contain the mapping between an IP address and a DNS name.

How to

  1. Go to > DNS SOLUTIONS > Edge DNS.
    The Zone list page opens.
  2. On the Zone list page, under Zone, select a Secondary zone that has had a successful zone transfer at some point in the past.
    The Edit zone page opens.
  3. Click Download zone file located at the top of the Edit zone page.
    An option to download the zone file opens.
    Note: Alternatively, you can click the Actions menu and select Download.
  4. Click OK to download the zone file.
    Note: If you have updated a zone file on a name server and it hasn’t transferred successfully (fails) or it is pending transfer, Akamai is likely to have a version of the zone file that has been transferred from a name server(s) to Akamai in the past. You can download this version of the zone file.
    Note: If you select a secondary zone that has not had a successful zone transfer at some point, you cannot download the zone file because the Download zone file button is disabled.