Manage existing zones

After you create a Edge DNS zone, it displays on the Zone list page.

From this page you can perform many maintenance tasks for your active zones.

Edit zone data

On the Zone list page, you can edit zone data by clicking on the zone name.

View and manage your zones

From the Actions column on the Zone list page, you can:

  • Add aliases to the zone.
  • View DNSSEC detail (for contracts with the Edge DNS Security Option).
  • View zone history.
  • View zone transfer status (for secondary zones).
  • Download the zone data in DNS format (for primary zones).
  • Delete the zone.

Filter zone list

Filtering the zone list limits the zones displayed in the zone list page. The zone list filter specifies zones to include by attributes for type, activate state, DNSsec status, and transfer status for secondary zones. The zone list page dynamically updates as you select filter options. See Filter zone list

Edit multiple secondary zones

Edit Secondary zones provides the option to change the master nameservers and comment properties for multiple secondary zones at the same time. Edits to both fields are required. For all selected zones, this function bypasses the change list mechanism and directly updates the zones' settings. See Edit multiple secondary zones.

View the authoritative name server list

Akamai assigns the authoritative name servers for your Edge DNS contract. Click Authoritative name servers on the Zone list page to retrieve the list.

You need to add these name servers to your zone data as NS records, and list them with the zone registrar.

Manage TSIG keys

Edge DNS supports Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (TSIG) with BIND 9 and later. TSIG allows zone transfers only between systems that possess the shared secret key. Each TSIG key in the list is associated with, and can manage, one or more zones. Each key can manage multiple zones.

Click TSIG key list on the Zone list page to retrieve the list of keys and manage those keys.