Add new record set

After adding a primary zone, you must add records to create the record set. Initially this is empty.
Note: Each primary zone record set must contain one start of authority (SOA) record and at least one name server (NS) record.

How to

  1. On the Zone list page, click a zone name.
    The Edit zone page appears.
  2. Scroll down to the Zone record sets area and click Add new record set.
    The zone’s Add new record set for <zone> dialog appears.
  3. Enter a record set Name, select a Type, and enter a TTL (time to live).
  4. In the Record data box, enter your record set information in accordance with the Record data help instructions for your chosen Type.
    See Supported resource record types for a list of supported and unsupported record types.
  5. Click Add to change list.
    The Edit zone page reappears with the new record set added and a Pending changes not activated banner at the top.

    Continue adding records for this zone until the record set is complete.

    Note: Changes do not propagate until you review and submit your change list. For more information, see the instructions in Review the change list.