Add a secondary DNS zone

How to

  1. On the Zone list page, click Add zone.
    Note: If the Add Zones link isn’t displayed, you’ve reached your maximum zone allotment. To change your limit, contact your service representative.
  2. Enter the settings you want for your secondary zone:
    Field Description
    Contract The contract for this zone configuration.
    Zone type Select Secondary.
    Zone names A zone name is required, using the format
    DNSSEC Sign and Serve When sign and serve is enabled, Akamai automatically sets up DNSSEC for the zone. If you leave this unselected, you can manually configure your own DNSSEC records for the zone.
    DNSSEC algorithm If you enable DNSSEC Sign and Serve, select the algorithm to use.
    Zone transfer mode When Edge DNS is operating in secondary mode for a zone, you enable zone transfers from your own master nameservers to Akamai.

    Edge DNS ZTAs (zone transfer agents) use the DNS query type Authoratative Transfer (AXFR) to do DNS zone transfers. However, if you configured your own master nameservers to support incremental zone transfers (IXFR), the Edge DNS ZTAs (zone transfer agents) will automatically do incremental zone transfers for secondary zones.

    Customer master name servers Enter one or more IP addresses here. Separate each with a comma, whitespace, or semicolon.
    Customer ID Optional. Enter a descriptive name for the customer. For example, you can enter your organization’s billing reference for the customer.
    Comments Describe the new zone.
    TSIG key Transfer Signature key. Provides secure DNS messaging, typically for zone transfers and dynamic updates.

    If you select Create a new TSIG key, you have to enter a unique key name in domain name format, select an algorithm, and enter a secret string in Base64 format.

    Note: Enabling DNSSEC via sign and serve requires the TSIG key be fully configured for the zone.
  3. Click Create zone to submit the zone information. This displays the Active Zones Summary page, where you are given a list of authoritative Akamai name servers as well as the IP addresses of the zone transfer agents.