Monitor traffic

The Edge DNS Traffic report displays graphs showing DNS requests per second and NXDOMAIN responses per second, and a table showing the DNS requests and NXDOMAIN responses for each of your Edge DNS zones.

You can specify which zones to display and the time range. The graphs and table display data for the same time period to facilitate comparisons.

Access the report

To access the Edge DNS Traffic report, go to > COMMON SERVICES > Traffic reports. From the Report menu, select Edge DNS.

Report Widgets

The Edge DNS Traffic report includes the following widgets.
Widget Displays...
DNS Requests The rate of total domain hits, in requests per second, during the specified time period.
NXDOMAIN Responses The rate of responses for nonexistent domains during the specified time period.
Zone Summary Summary information for the top five zones. For each zone, the table displays: All DNS Requests, NXDOMAIN Responses, and % NXDOMAIN Responses (the percentage of the DNS responses that are NXDOMAINs).