Multi-Provider DNS

Edge DNS is architected for availability, resilience, and performance. As such, it addresses redundancy concerns that might lead to interest in multi-provider authoritative DNS. Each Akamai name server cloud is backed by thousands of globally-distributed servers, and each Edge DNS customer is assigned a unique set of Akamai name server delegations.

For customers who want to use multiple authoritative DNS providers, consider the following options:
  • Configure a hidden primary name server at the customer origin, and set up each DNS provider to operate in secondary mode and complete zone transfers.
  • Configure each DNS provider in primary mode, and use APIs to update zones on each provider.
  • Configure each DNS provider in primary mode, and use a third-party tool to administer the zone.
  • Use a different DNS provider as primary, and configure Edge DNS in secondary mode.
Note: Edge DNS does not support zone transfers to other DNS providers.

Using a multi-provider DNS strategy is incompatible with Edge DNS features such as Sign & Serve DNSSEC, Zone Apex Mapping, Top-level CNAME, and Alias zones.