Edit multiple secondary zones

Edit Secondary zones provides the option to change the master nameservers and comment properties for multiple secondary zones at the same time. Edits to both fields are required. For all selected zones, this function bypasses the change list mechanism and directly updates the zones' settings.

How to

  1. Go to > DNS SOLUTIONS > Edge DNS.
  2. On the Zone list page, select the checkbox for one or more of the Secondary zones that you want to edit.
    The top of the Zone list displays the following Selected zones information.
    • Selected Zones: <number of selected zones> - displays the number of zones you select in the Zone list.
    • Clear selections - Clears the checkbox for selected zones.
    • Select zones action... drop-down menu.
      • Edit - Enabled when all selected zones are Secondary zones.
      • Delete - See Delete zones for detailed information.
  3. In the Select zones action drop-down, click Edit.
    The Edit secondary zones page displays.
  4. To add new customer name servers, in the New customer master name servers: text box, enter one or more IP addresses separated by commas, white-spaces, or semi-colons. These replace the current master name servers.
    The information you enter displays in The New master name servers section of the page.
  5. In the New comments: text box, enter comments for the new master name servers.
    Valid entries for step 4 and step 5 enable the Save changes & activate selected zones button.
  6. Click Save changes & activate selected zones to submit your changes.
    The selected zones are updated.