Provide inputs to zone registrar

You must provide the following inputs to the registrar for the zone:

  • Authoritative name servers. Click the "Authoritative name servers" on the Zone list page to retrieve the list.
  • Delegation signer (DS) record or DNSKEY record.

If you are using DNSSEC "Sign and Serve", the DS record is provided using Control Center on the Zone list page. Click the icon in the zone’s DNSSEC status column to open the DNSSEC Sign and Serve status page. This page displays the current DS record and the corresponding DNSKEY record.

By default, the DS record’s TTL is one day. According to RFC 4035, the TTL of the DS record should match the TTL of the corresponding name server record set.

Government agencies must provide the DNSKEY record to their registrars, who then generate the DS record.

If you are using DNSSEC "Serve," you will have this information.