Reassign an alias zone to a different base zone

You can reassign an alias zone to another new or existing base zone.

Be sure that the base zone to which you want to apply the alias exists and has propagated.

How to

  1. Click the name of the alias zone you want to reassign.
    The Edit zone page appears.

    Note the Aliased zone field indicating the currently associated base zone.

  2. Click the Change aliased zone button.
    A New aliased zone menu appears.
  3. In the menu’s box, begin entering the name of the new base zone you want to associate with the alias zone (enter at least three characters to produce a results list).
  4. From the list, select the desired base alias.
  5. Click the Save zone button.
    The page updates, reflecting the new base zone in the Aliased zone field, and the change propagates to the network.