Enable subzone delegation on a zone

This section provides instructions for a zone owner to enable subzone delegation on a zone. A zone owner can also add subzone delegation using the Edge DNS Zone Management API v2.

How to

  1. Go to > DNS SOLUTIONS > Edge DNS
  2. On the zone list page, click the name of the zone that you want to enable subzones on.
  3. In the Edit Zone pane, select the Enable cross-account subzoning checkbox.

    This option is available only to zone owners with contracts enabled to provide cross account subzones.

    A message alerts you that “Any Akamai customer will be allowed to create subzones of this one. These subzones will require your approval before they can be created.”

  4. Click Add to change list.

    Review and submit your change list according to Review the change list to enable the changes to propagate. Until you do so, operations on the requestor’s subzones do not propagate to Edge DNS nameservers.

    After you submit the change list, a Subzone Requests pane opens above the Filter zones list and displays a list of the subzone requests in a pending or approved state. The listing for each request includes the Requested Subzone name, Last Modified date, Status, and Requesting Account. If there are no pending requests, the Subzone Requests pane does not open.

    The Filter zone list pane also includes a filter for zones in a Pending Approval state.

  5. Click a subzone request to open its Manage Subzone Request pane.

    View the details of the subzone request and change its status to Approve or Reject as shown in this table.

    You cannot change the status of an approved or rejected request.

    Initial State New State Impact
    PENDING REJECTED Deletes the subzone from the database.