Edit record set

The Edit Record Set for <zone> dialog lists the record set you have specified for this zone, including:

  • Name. The name of this record.
  • Type. The type of this record.
  • TTL. The time to live for this record.
  • Record data. The data for the record, expressed in RFC 1035 master file format.
Note: Each primary zone record set must contain only one start of authority (SOA) record and at least two name server (NS) records.

How to

  1. On the Zone list page, click the name of the zone for which you would like to edit its record set.
  2. In the Edit zone page, click the name of the record set in question or select Edit from its Actions menu.
  3. In the Edit record set for <zone> dialog, make your revisions and click the Add to change list button.
    Note: You must review and submit your change list according to Review the change list before any changes propagate.