Review the DNSSEC integration process

This topic provides an overview of how to enable DNSSEC support for Edge DNS. Review this section before starting your DNSSEC integration.
Note: Your Edge DNS contract must include the Security Option before enabling DNSSEC.

How to

  1. Determine which option you would prefer, “sign and serve” or “serve.”
    • Sign and serve. Akamai manages signing the zone, key rotation, and serving the zone.
    • Serve. Serve supports DNSSEC for secondary zones. You manage signing the zone and key rotation on your primary nameservers. Akamai serves the signed zone.
  2. Enable TSIG support on the zone.
  3. Set up zone transfer using Control Center.
  4. Update the zone file information on your name servers.
  5. Ensure that the zone file has correctly propagated on your name servers.
  6. Provide your registrar with the DNS key record available from Control Center.