Add a primary DNS zone

Primary DNS zones let Akamai serve your domains’ DNS records without the need for you to maintain your own master DNS servers.

How to

  1. Go to > DNS SOLUTIONS > Edge DNS.
  2. On the main Zone list page, click Add zone to display the Add zone page.
    Note: If Add zone is grayed out, you’ve reached your maximum allotted zones. To change your limit, contact your service representative.
  3. Enter the settings you want for your primary zone:
    Field Action
    Contract From the pull-down menu, select the contract for this zone configuration.
    Zone type From the pull-down menu, select Primary.
    Zone names Enter one or more zone names using this format:

    A zone name and any of its subdomains must be unique to a specific account (for example, the account in which resides).

    DNSSEC Sign and Serve Enable to have Akamai automatically set up DNSSEC for the zone. If you want to manually configure your own DNSSEC records for the zone, leave this field unchecked.
    DNSSEC algorithm If you enable DNSSEC Sign and Serve, select the algorithm to use.
    Customer ID Optional. Enter a descriptive name for the customer. For example, you can enter your organization’s billing reference for the customer.
    Comments Describe the new zone.
    CAUTION: If you’re adding a primary zone that’s a subzone of an existing secondary zone, the contents of the primary zone that you’re creating may override those of the secondary zone. Use caution to ensure that there is no collision in the namespace between the existing secondary zone and the new primary zone.
  4. Click Create zone. The new zone’s Edit zone page appears.
  5. To continue by adding records to create your record set, see Add new record set.