Welcome to EdgeKV

EdgeKV is enabling technology for EdgeWorkers. Learn more about the product features.

EdgeKV helps developers build data-driven EdgeWorker applications that require fast, frequent reads and infrequent writes. The EdgeKV program is now focused on refining existing functionality and ensuring production-ready scalability and performance. If you are a current customer, you can enable EdgeKV on your account by using the Marketplace app store found in Akamai Control Center, or ask your Akamai account team to enable it on your behalf. If you are not a current Akamai customer, please use this contact form to request access.

EdgeKV product features include:

  • Key-Value database: Stores data in string or JSON format.
  • JavaScript helper library: Abstracts CRUD data operations on EdgeKV databases from inside EdgeWorkers code.
  • Replicated storage: Ensures high availability of stored data by replicating it across multiple geographic locations.
  • Administrative API: Enables control of EdgeKV database functions outside EdgeWorkers code.
  • Tokenized access: Enforces access controls to EdgeKV databases.