Familiarize yourself with these limitations before you start building your EdgeKV data model.

Tip: EdgeKV is only supported in EdgeWorker IDs created using the Dynamic Compute resource tier. Refer to the resource tiers section in the EdgeWorkers User Guide for more information.
Note: These limitations apply only during the current availability phase and will change for the next product milestone.
Description Limit
Number of namespaces per account 20
Namespace retention By default, data within a namespace is stored for 6 months after it was written or last updated.

When the retention period elapses, the data is deleted from the database.

Contact your account representative or send an email to to make changes to the retention period.

Data storage per account 200 GB (recommended limit)
Writes to the EdgeKV database will fail after 250 GB.
Note: 1GB = 1,000,000,000 Bytes
Namespace name limitations 1 to 32 characters in length.

Only alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z), underscore (_), and (-) dash characters are supported.

Items per account/namespace 2,000,000 per account in Akamai Control Center

100,000 per namespace

Note: If these limits are exceeded writes will continue to succeed until the database reaches the data storage limit.

Exceeding these limits may, however, have a significant impact the read performance of all data within your database.

Group name limitation 1 to 128 characters in length.

Only alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z), underscore (_), and (-) dash characters are supported.

Number of items per group Same as the namespace limit
Key name length 1 to 512 characters in length.

Only alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z), underscore (_), and (-) dash characters are supported.

Value size 256 KB
Note: 1KB = 1,000 bytes
Number of item reads per second from EdgeWorkers The maximum number of reads per second is defined by the EdgeWorkers HTTP Sub-Request limitations.
EdgeKV enforces these further limits:
  • an aggregate of 2,500 reads per second from all EdgeWorkers for up to 98/2 read/write ratio.
  • an aggregate of 250 reads per second from all EdgeWorkers when the write ratio is greater than 2%.
Number of group reads per second A group read returns N items up to the items per group limit below. Each of these are counted as a separate request towards the item read limit above.
Number of items returned per group read request 100

If more than 100 items exist in a group, a random set of 100 items is returned.

Number of item writes/deletes per second from EdgeWorkers An aggregate of 50 per second allowed from all EdgeWorkers
Note: Exceeding more than an aggregate of 10 write/delete operations per second for distinct items negatively impacts read performance and throughput.
Number of Administrative API operations per second Burst limit: 24 hits per second (during any 5 second period)

Average limit: 18 hits per second (during any 2 minute period)
Note: Exceeding these limits will cause subsequent requests to be blocked. The block lasts 10 minutes after the limit is no longer exceeded. The API response will have a 403 http status code in this case.
Number of tokens per account 50

If you generate more than one token per namespace, you will have redundant tokens that reduce your remaining available tokens. Refer to the Generate and retrieve EdgeKV access tokens section for more information.

During this availability phase, revoked and expired tokens may count towards the limit for one month after expiry. Please contact us if you encounter this problem.

Tokens created during the previous availability phase do not count towards this limit.

Token name limitation 1 to 32 characters in length.

Only alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z), (_) underscore, and (-) dash characters are supported.

Maximum number of namespace permissions per token 20
Maximum number of EdgeWorker IDs per token 8
Maximum number of token Administrative API operations per second Maximum of 1 per second or 10 per minute.