Clone an EdgeWorker ID

To change the resource tier of an EdgeWorker function, you need to clone the EdgeWorker ID.

How to

  1. Select an EdgeWorker ID from the EdgeWorkers details page and click the Edit EdgeWorker ID button.
  2. Select the edit link beside the Resource tier field to open the Clone EdgeWorker ID window.
  3. Select a new resource tier for your EdgeWorker ID.
    By default, all EdgeWorker IDs created before resource tiers were introduced, will execute using Dynamic Compute. You can however, change an EdgeWorker function to Basic Compute, a less costly tier with lower limits.
    Important: Review the Limitations for each resource tier before cloning an EdgeWorker ID. It is important to make sure that the EdgeWorker function can successfully execute when lowering the resource limits. If the execution is unsuccessful the timeout error rate may significantly increase. This can adversely impact your delivery traffic.
  4. Click the Clone EdgeWorker ID button.
  5. Once you have cloned your EdgeWorker ID you can create and activate EdgeWorker versions.