Prerequisites and limitations

What delivery products support EdgeWorkers?

Refer to the Limitations section for a list of supported delivery products.

What delivery networks support EdgeWorkers?

EdgeWorkers are currently only supported on the enhanced TLS network (*

What programming languages does EdgeWorkers support?

EdgeWorkers supports ES2015 (ECMAScript 2015) compliant JavaScript. Additionally, there is support for Typescript to be used as a pre-compiled option via bindings to our EdgeWorkers JavaScript specification.

Is EdgeWorkers a Node.js environment?

No. To reduce resource consumption on the edge machines we decided not to run a Node.js environment within EdgeWorkers as it is very heavy-weight. ES2015 compliant JavaScript is executable within this environment.

How do I enable EdgeWorkers?

EdgeWorkers requires two configuration artifacts: the EdgeWorkers Property Manager behavior added to your delivery property, and a code bundle archive that includes the JavaScript that should be executed. You can review the four quick steps to get a Hello World up and running on EdgeWorkers in the Get started section.