How does EdgeWorkers apply its business logic?

EdgeWorkers has an event model, essentially "hooks" that can be called at specific points throughout the end user request-response workflow. Each event has specific features and capabilities that allow it to transform and modify the request and response as it flows through the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

How does the order of execution work if metadata does actions in the same stages as EdgeWorkers events are defined?

Execution order from the metadata stage and from a top-to-bottom perspective should still be preserved with EdgeWorkers added. Think of EdgeWorkers as just a different way to produce a metadata equivalent in this regard.

What about the order of execution when Security products are involved?

Security products tend to run prior to Delivery features. EdgeWorkers live inside the Delivery block of feature applications, so they would typically happen after Security features.

How are errors in EdgeWorkers handled?

Ultimately, it depends on the error handling approach the customer wants as well as the type of error it is. Generally, customers can enable Site Failover to catch EdgeWorkers failures and apply alternate logic. Some errors that occur in the JavaScript could be thrown and caught (via try/catch/throw JavaScript conventions) as well.

Can multiple EdgeWorkers fire for a single request?

No, daisy chaining is not allowed at this time. Only one EdgeWorker, the last one configured in the delivery property for a given request/response, can apply.