Activate an EdgeWorker version with the UI

Once you have created an EdgeWorker version you can activate it on your staging or production network. Only one EdgeWorker version can be active on the staging network and only one can be active on the production network. When the activation process is complete, the previously activated version becomes inactive. An inactive version can be re-activated.

Before you begin

To complete this step, you must create a create a code bundle and create an EdgeWorker version.

How to

  1. From the EdgeWorkers versions page, select the EdgeWorker you want to activate.
    Only the EdgeWorkers you have permission to access appear in the list.
  2. Click Activate version button.
  3. Select the EdgeWorker version that you want to activate.
  4. Select the network where you want to activate the version.
    You can use the staging network to validate the behavior of your code. Once you’ve tested the functionality, you can activate it on the production network.

Next steps

View the activation history of a version to see the status of your EdgeWorker.