Detect an EdgeWorkers failure

These steps describe how to detect an EdgeWorkers failure using the EdgeWorkers Execution Status in the match condition of a Rule. You can then define which Failover action to take when this rule detects a failure.

In this use case the EdgeWorkers logic exists at the origin and the EdgeWorker is being used to eliminate requests to this logic at the origin. If an EdgeWorkers error occurs we want to forward the request to an alternate location to execute the origin logic.

How to

  1. Create a Rule with a match condition that checks the EdgeWorkers Execution Status.
    Note: To serve a 500 level error to the customer do not add the Site Failover behavior. The EdgeWorker error is propagated to the end user, allowing the client to handle the failure.
  2. To Redirect to a different location add the Site Failover behavior to the rule. This logic is only executed if an EdgeWorker function fails for any reason.
  3. Click Add Behavior to add the Failover behavior to the rule.
  4. Select Redirect to a different location from the Action dropdown. For more information about how to configure this Failover behavior see the Site Failover Property Manager behavior documentation.