Failover lets you define what logic to execute in the event that an Edgeworker function fails.

To implement Failover, use the Site Failover Property Manager behavior. EdgeWorkers supports the following alternate actions:
  • Redirect to a different location by specifying a redirect action. Sends the end user to alternate content with end user facing Location change - this is best suited for full HTML page requests.
  • Use alternate origin and path so the end user remains on the original URL.
  • Display a 500 error to the end user.
  • Continue processing delivery property metadata, ignoring the failed EdgeWorkers function.
  • Use EdgeWorkers Execution Status in a match condition. See Detect an EdgeWorkers Failure for more information.
  • By-pass the failed EdgeWorkers function and serve the same URL. Akamai support is required to implement this Failover action. Contact your account team or send an email to for more information.