View the history of a version

Use the EdgeWorkers Management application to view the activation and deactivation history for an EdgeWorker version.

How to

  1. Select an EdgeWorker version from the EdgeWorker details page.
  2. Select Activation history or Deactivation history tab.
  3. View the status that appears in the Current status column.
    Review the table for information about each status.
    Status Description
    Activating The version is currently activating.
    Deactivating The current version is currently deactivating.
    Active The version is active. Only one version can be active at a time.
    Blocked Akamai cannot determine if the EdgeWorker code bundle was successfully deployed to the Edge server. When this occurs, Akamai prevents the activation from completing. The previously activated EdgeWorker version remains active.
    Error An error is detected during the activation or deactivation process.
    Deactivated The EdgeWorker version is deactivated.

    This status can also appear if the EdgeWorkers code bundle is deactivated due to a possible network issue. Contact support for more information.

    Inactive The version is currently inactive. This status appears when a EdgeWorker version has not yet been activated or when a deactivation is complete.
    Complete The version activation or deactivation is complete.