Create an identifier with the EdgeWorkers API

Create a unique identifier for your EdgeWorker code using the API.

Before you begin

To complete this step, you must create an API client and know the groupID for the Control Center group.
Use the API to generate a unique edgeWorkerId.

How to

  1. Form a JSON request body that includes the groupId, a name, and a resourceTierID.
        "groupId": 12345,
        "name": "EW_42"
        "resourceTierId": 200
  2. Issue a POST request to register the EdgeWorker within the group.
    POST /edgeworkers/v1/ids

    Example HTTPie syntax:

    http --timeout=90 --auth-type edgegrid -a <authgroup>: POST :/edgeworkers/v1/ids groupId=<groupId> name=<name>
    View the response for details.
        "edgeWorkerId": 42,
        "name": "EW_42",
        "accountId": "A-B-1CD23",
        "groupId": 12345,
        "resourceTierId": 200,
        "createdBy": "asmith",
        "createdTime": "2018-10-15T14:49:40Z",

Next steps

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