Enable enhanced debug headers

In addition to the standard debug information, enhanced debug headers include a status message and the amount of wall time, CPU time, and memory consumed by the event handler. You can also configure enhanced debug headers to provide information about HTTP sub-requests.

To receive enhanced debugging information about the EdgeWorkers execution in the debug response headers the request must pass:
  • An Akamai-EW-Trace request header that contains a secure authentication token. This topic includes instructions on how to generate this secure authentication token.
  • One of the standard Pragma headers. See the Enable standard debug headers section for more information.
  • For responseProvider you need to add the Pragma akamai-x-ew-debug-rp header that enables the multi-part response header.
  • To debug HTTP sub-requests you need to add the Pragma akamai-x-ew-debug-subs header to the request.