EAA Client overview

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) secures access to enterprise applications. The EAA solution delivers clientless access to browser-based (HTTP) applications and lets an organization secure access to remote desktop (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH) applications.

The EAA Client is software that EAA administrators deploy on user machines. Users may roam through different wireless networks and still be connected to their applications. A virtual private network (VPN) is not required to secure access. The EAA Client creates a separate network interface, and can co-exist with a VPN.

The EAA Client provides the capabilities of Single sign-on (SSO) authentication and multi-factor authentication like the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) solution.

With EAA Client an enterprise can control access to applications that are not browser based, run locally on an end-user’s computer, and communicate over the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or both protocols.