Deploy the identity provider

Put configuration changes to an identity provider (IdP) into effect.

Changes to identity providers (IdP) in Enterprise Application Access (EAA) go into effect after you deploy the IdP, similar to the deployment of applications. After you create or change the configuration of an IdP in EAA, deploy the IdP.
Note: When you configured an IdP in previous versions of EAA, the option to Save and exit automatically deployed the IdP, resulting in multiple versions of the deployed IdP. If an administrator selected an incorrect version of a deployed IdP, there could be missing or incorrect configurations in the IdP used by the application. With the deploy identity provider capability the Save and exit button saves the IdP configuration in cache and does not deploy the IdP. After you complete the configuration click Save and go to Deployment to deploy the IdP. This ensures that all of your configurations are properly set in a single deployed version of the IdP.

How to

  1. Log in to Control Center (
  2. Go to > ENTERPRISE SECURITY > Enterprise Application Access.
  3. From the top menu bar, click Identity > Identity providers.
    The identity providers page appears.
  4. Locate the identity provider you wish to deploy.
  5. Click Settings > Deployment > Deploy Identity provider.
    IdP ready for deployment

What you should see

The deployment process takes a few minutes. The identity provider deployment status page indicates whether the IdP is ready for deployment.
IdP deployment pending


IdP deployment complete

Next steps

  • Add a directory to an identity provider.
  • Assign identity providers to an application.