EAA Client requirements

These are the device hardware, operating system, network, and connector requirements for the EAA Client.

Device hardware requirements

The EAA Client can run on a desktop or laptop computer (machine). Applications run on a virtual machine (VM) may need additional setup and is not recommended. Make sure the machine has at least 256 MB RAM and 200 MB disk space to run the client applications. If you are running multiple client applications, check their respective requirements and make sure your machine can support them.

Device usage requirements

The EAA Client should not be installed on shared devices like lab machines, kiosk machines or multi-user servers.

Operating system requirements for laptop and desktop

The EAA Client can run these operating systems (OS) for laptop and desktop devices:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home/Enterprise edition.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise edition.
  • Apple macOS.

Also see Release Notes for supported versions.

Note: If your machine has any endpoint protection software installed, you will need to allow Enterprise Application Access executables based on your operating system. See Configure endpoint protection software for a list of these executables.
Note: The EAA Client does not run on a virtual machine (VM) and is not supported by Akamai. If your applications run on a VM, additional setup may be required.

Operating system requirements for mobile devices

EAA Client on mobile devices only allows you to check the device posture and does not support tunneling capability. The supported versions are:
  • iOS 11 and above (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Android 6 and above (phones and tablets)

Network requirements

These IP addresses and ports must be available in your network:

  • (TCP). Used for control traffic. Sends Enterprise Application Access (EAA) configuration information to EAA Client.
  • (TCP/UDP). Used for DNS interception.
  • TCP port 443. Your testing environment must allow traffic on this port.

Connector installation requirements

The connector used with the EAA Client needs to have the minimum requirements specified in the Connector installation requirements in the EAA online help.