Switch EAA Client to a different identity provider after doing a silent install

Learn to configure to a different identity provider after doing a silent installation.

Before you begin

You should have done EAA Client silent installation for Windows or MAC.

Learn to update the idp.ini file with the new identity provider URL and configure the EAA Client to this identity provider.

Silent installation of EAA Client creates an idp.ini in the software installation folder. Based on the platform of the machine, the file is located in:

Windows: C:\ProgramFiles\EAAClient\idp.ini

MAC: /Applications/EAAClient.app/Contents/MacOS/idp.ini

Note: If you have installed EAA Client in some other location, then look for idp.ini inside */EAAClient/ folder.

The idp.ini file has the URL of the identity provider portal.

For the silent install command, for the --url option, if you provide https://myidpportal.mycompany.com as the IdP_portal_URL, the idp.ini file contains this string:

url = https://myidpportal.mycompany.com

A user with admin privileges, should follow this procedure to allow EAA Client to configure to another identity provider portal. For example, to configure to https://myidpportal2.mycompany.com

How to

  1. Open the idp.ini file, replace the old URL with the new URL, and save it. For this example you update as:url = https://myidpportal2.mycompany.com and save the file.
  2. Do a reset.
  3. Start the EAA Client: Click EAA Client icon > Open EAA Client.
  4. Perform a configure inside EAA Client.
    This configures EAA Client to the new identity provider