TCP-type client-access application workflow

The workflow for securely accessing a TCP application on your machine using the EAA Client as an internal host is described here.

In this example, a TCP application, such as Microsoft Outlook, needs to be securely accessed by the employees of your organization using the EAA Client installed on their machines. This is the workflow involved after the IT administrator configures a TCP-type client-access application.

TCP application example
  1. The OutlookApp establishes a connection with the application hostname on your machine, The DNS request for the application host is intercepted by EAA Client and on-board traffic via EAA Client.
  2. The EAA Client connects the EAA cloud with the endpoint host name
  3. The cloud forwards connections from the EAA Client to the connector via the pre-established dial-out connections.
  4. The EAA connector within your data center connects to the application server using the application server IP
  5. The user can use the Microsoft Outlook client application on their machine to communicate securely with the Microsoft application server using the application host.