Override on-premises network setting by end user

Disable direct access to your organization’s applications when the employee is inside the corporate network.

Even though the EAA IT administrator has enabled on-premises network settings in the identity provider for an organization, the employee can override this configuration using the EAA Client software on the machine. All the traffic to access the application goes from the user’s machine to EAA Cloud, and then to the corporate application, even when the employee is within the corporate network.

The option to disable the trusted network is only visible to the end user if the EAA IT administrator has enabled on-premises network in the identity provider.

How to

  1. Right-click the EAA Client icon on the Windows desktop toolbar or the Mac menu bar.
  2. Click EAA Client icon > Open EAA Client.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Under Advanced settings, in the On Premise card, set Direct access to application when your device is connected to your organization network to Disabled.
    The network type will change from On Premise to Public in the EAA Client .