Understand why you should upgrade your connectors to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release before August 2019.

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) connectors running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is available for deployment. Akamai is requesting customers to upgrade the connectors to this release for increased security and better performance. After this date, no security patches will be available. For security reasons, Akamai will not be doing any in-place upgrades. Akamai is requesting customers to do a one-time migration of the connectors to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release before August 2019. It has a newer kernel and provides faster performance.

Customers will need to install the new connector with 18.04 LTS OS version for every existing connector in their production environment. Then, associate all of the applications and directories to the new connectors, and deploy the changes. If the customer has few applications (for example, less than ten) and not many connectors, this can be done manually. But it can be time consuming if there are many applications and many connectors in your organization. You can use the EAA connector migration script provided by Akamai to speed up the migration process. The script is supported on Windows and MAC operating systems. To use the script, the customers will also need to install the latest EAA-SDK package.