Migrate applications to a new connector using the EAA Application Connector Toolbox.

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) applications can be migrated from one or more connectors to a different set of connectors using the EAA Application Connector Toolbox for better productivity.

The EAA Application Connector Toolbox contains two panes:
  • Select Applications. All your applications are listed here.
  • Select Connector. All your connectors are listed here including the new connector Connector2019, you just installed.

If an application is associated with multiple connectors, it appears in the format:

application name: comma separated list of all associated connectors

You can perform different tasks using the toolbox like:
  • Find and Select Apps. Search for applications using keywords and auto-select them in the Select applications panel.
  • Apps selected.Obtain a count of the applications highlighted based on your actions.
  • In the action panel you can:
    • Assign Connector. After selecting one or multiple connectors, you can assign them to the selected applications.
    • Remove Connector. You can remove the selected connectors from a list of application/s.
    • Select Apps using Connector. You can select all applications using a specific connector.
    • Select Apps not using Connector. You can select all applications not using a specific connector.
    • Apply Changes. After making connector changes to your applications, you can select apply changes, to push the changes to the EAA Management portal.
    • Discard Changes. If you can not satisfied with the connector changes you can cancel it.
    • Export App/Conn You can generate a csv file for the application, connector mapping shown in the Select Applications panel.
    • EXIT. To exit from the toolbox.
Note: If any of the connectors are down, they will appear in red background color under the Select Connector panel. In the figure Connector1 and Connector2 are down.