Create a Device Posture blocked report

Two preset Device Posture Blocked reports provide information about access denials due to the Device Posture rules added to application ACLs:
  • The Top Device Posture Blocked Applications report shows the applications to which access was denied and the number of access denials.
  • The Top Device Posture Blocked Users reports shows the users that were denied access and the number of times they were denied access.

How to

  1. In the EAA Management Portal, select Reports > Activity.
    The Reports page appears.
  2. In the Preset Reports tab, click the calendar icon. Enter the reporting period and click Apply.
  3. In the Select Report menu, select Top Device Posture Blocked Applications or Top Device Posture Blocked Users.
  4. Click View Report.
  5. To save the report, enter a report name and click Save.