Create an inventory report

You can generate highly configurable device inventory reports and use them to drill down to information about specific devices.

How to

  1. In the EAA Management Portal, select Reports > Device Posture.
    The Device Posture Reports page appears.
    Note: You can click View Report to see the complete unfiltered inventory data.
  2. In Inventory, in the Select Criteria field, enter criteria and values for your inventory report. For example, select OS from the list, and next, select macOS and Windows.
    In this example, you can select multiple entries from the OS options. When you select more than one entry for the same criterion, the report will include devices that match any of the selected entries. Based on the following values, the report will contain devices running either Windows or macOS.

  3. To add more categories, click the + icon and repeat the previous step. For example, select Firewall, and, next, select Poor.
    With those filtering settings, the inventory report will include devices that match the both (the OS and the firewall) criteria.
    Note: Make sure multiple selections are not mutually exclusive. For example, if one criteria specifies that biometrics is enabled, make sure that any added criteria are applicable to mobile devices.

    If you do not specify any criteria values, the inventory will not be filtered.

  4. When you finish selecting criteria, click View Report.
    The inventory report displays devices matching the entered criteria.
  5. To save the report, enter a report name, and click Save.
  6. To view details about the selected device in the report, click the device's name.
    This opens the Device Details report that contains the following sections:
    • Details. Displays the list of device signals collected from the device.
    • Posture. Displays a list of tiers and tags that a given device is part of. In other words, the selected device meets conditions of tiers and tags that you can find in this tab. In the Posture tab you can also check remediation hints.
    • Integrations. Displays information about 3rd party integrations.
      Note: This tab displays for devices that have installed ETP Client, Carbon Black or CrowdStrike anti-malware software.
    • Threats. Displays vulnerabilities existing in the network.
      Note: This tab displays for devices that run both EAA Client and ETP Client.
    Click Close to exit the device details.