Troubleshoot using IdP username as an input

Administrators may find it useful to be aware of the identity provider (IdP) username associated with the EAA Client running on a particular device. This can now be viewed as part of device details and included in device inventory reports. This can be useful for auditing and troubleshooting purposes.

Consider the following situations:
  1. A particular user has experienced access problems and you wish to analyze their device security posture to troubleshoot the problem. See Troubleshoot user related issues.
  2. Access Log reports show that a particular device couldn't access an application. Having knowledge of the IdP user associated to the EAA Client running on the device would allow you to troubleshoot further. See Troubleshoot device related issues.
In both cases you can use IdP username as an input for further investigations.
Note: If the user is logged into multiple identity providers, the IdP username will be displayed only for the IdP used to configure the client.