Create an application access denial report

You can create an access denial report to troubleshoot access problems. In situations when you are investigating security incidents, especially if there is a pattern of access denials, you can use this type of report to check device compliance with the application access controls rules. See Troubleshoot access denied issues for more information.

How to

  1. In the EAA Management Portal, select Reports > Activity.
    The Reports page appears.
  2. Go to the Application Access tab. Click the calendar icon to enter a date range or select a predefined period from the menu.
  3. In the Select Applications, check one or more applications.
  4. In the Select Criteria, select one or both of the following criteria entries:
    Criteria Values
    Device Type Select the device types to include in the report:
    • Managed: devices running the EAA Client.
    • Unmanaged: devices not running the EAA Client.
    Device Posture Deny Select the device posture rule(s) that caused access denial.
    Tip: If you select multiple rules, the report contains devices that match any of the rules.
  5. Click View Report to display the report.