Troubleshoot access denied issues

You can troubleshoot user access denied issues due to Device Posture rules by viewing a device’s access log.

How to

  1. In the EAA Management Portal, select Reports > Activity.
    The Reports page appears.
  2. In the Application Access tab, do the following:
    1. Click the calendar icon and select a pre-defined date range, or enter the Start Date and the End Date.
    2. In Select Applications, select the application to which access was denied. Your application access report will be filtered by this date range.
    3. In Select Criteria, select User and enter the username of the user who experienced access issues.
  3. Click View Report.
    When an access decision was made using a Device Posture rule, a DP icon displays to the right of the OS column.
  4. Click the DP icon to display the Device Inventory page.
    The Inventory report opens.
  5. Click the View Device Access Log icon to display logs for the previously selected app and user.