Create a device history report

You may need to monitor the history of signal changes for troubleshooting purposes. With this information you can create a device signal history report for a given device and find out when was the last time it sent signals to the Device Posture server. For example, you came across a device with a poor firewall status and you need to identify the moment when its status was good for the last time.

How to

  1. In the EAA Management Portal, select Reports > Device Posture.
    The Device Posture Reports page appears.
  2. Create an inventory report that returns the searched device. Copy the Device ID of the searched device.
  3. Go to the Device History tab.
  4. In the Device ID field, paste the previously copied Device ID value and click Show Device History.
    A device history report containing a table with signal updates is displayed. Each entry represents time and date when the device's signal changed.
  5. To find out when the firewall status was good, browse through the table.
  6. To view an application access report, click View Device Access Logs icon .
  7. To save the report, enter a name in the Report Name field and click Save.
    Tip: To transfer directly from the inventory report tab to device signal history report, click the View Device Signal History icon .