Connector installation requirements

For your Connectors, make sure you have these minimal system requirements,

  • A compatible virtual environment such as,
  • Network
    • A private IP address inside the Local Area Network (LAN), either DHCP or static. The connector should run close to internal applications, possibly in the same subnet as the application, and be able to communicate with the application in test.
    • Dial-out access to the Internet on TCP port 443. A connector must reach the Enterprise Application Access service over the internet. This communication is carried out over an open TCP port 443, and only needs outbound connectivity.
    • Access to the applications. The port and protocol must be accessible in the LAN.
    • A firewall that allows the connector's private IP address to reach the application on configured port numbers. For example, a firewall rule to allow the connector to reach the application server internal IP address or hostname (if DNS is configured) on port numbers 80, 443, or any application specific port.
  • Computing capability
    • CPU. 4 virtual core
    • Memory. 8GB RAM (12GB for an AWS connector as they do not use swap space for storage).
    • Storage. 16GB hard drive disk space (4GB allocated to swap space and 12GB of free space).
Note: We recommend creating a new connector when you have reached 100 applications on a single connector. You may experience performance issues above these limits. Use at least two connectors for high-availability and load balancing. See Create and download a connector in EAA to create a new connector for additional applications.