Deploy the application

How to put changes to an application into effect.

How to

  1. Log in to Control Center (
  2. Go to > ENTERPRISE SECURITY > Enterprise Application Access.
  3. From the top menu bar, click Applications.
    The Application page appears.
  4. Locate the application you wish to deploy.
  5. Click Settings > Deployment > Deploy Application . You can enter any description for this deployment. These will appear as comments in the Deployment History. When the application is not deployed, it is shown as a draft version next to the application name.
    Note: If the Deploy Application button is not visible and instead you see APPLICATION STATUS: APP NOT READY, correct the items listed on the DEPLOYMENT page and try again.

What you should see

The deployment process typically takes three to five minutes. The application status indicates whether the application is ready for secure access.

When the deployment is complete you will see this screen:

Next steps

To see your application as an end-user does, log in and access applications in the Login Portal.