View EAA dashboard

Obtain health of connectors, applications and directories, get applications and user statistics, operating-systems and browsers used, login failures and user activity graphs from the dashboard.

The IT administrator can get a snapshot view of different statistics for a certain period of time, from the EAA dashboard by hovering over the different tiles. The default duration is a day. The time span is configurable for one hour, one day, seven days, or thirty days. It can be refreshed with the Refresh button.

EAA Dashboard
The statistics are organized in seven tiles on the dashboard:
  • HEALTH. This tile shows statistics of the applications, connectors, and directories that are up or down. It is updated every 15 minutes. The IT administrator can refresh the data at any time.

  • TOP APPLICATIONS. This tile lists the top five applications that are most frequently used by your organization.
  • ACTIVITY. This tile shows the total number of unique users, and the total active sessions of all of the users. You can hover over the line graph to get the user and active session statistics on a certain day or time.
  • USER LOCATIONS. This tile shows the geographical location of all of the users as dots on the world map. If you hover over and click a dot, you can see more details like the application name, the user's name, and the city from where it was accessed.
  • BROWSER & OS. This tile shows a grid of the operating systems used on the y-axis, and the browsers used on the x-axis. By hovering over a purple dot you can get the requests that was made to the EAA application using a specific browser and operating system combination.
  • TOP USERS. This tile lists the top five users of your organization.
  • LOGIN FAILURES. This tile lists the different types of login failures to help the IT administrator detect any anomalous activity in your organization. You can select:
    • INVALID PASSWORD. This shows the total login failures due to an incorrect password and when it happened in a bar chart.
    • INVALID USERNAME. This shows the total login failures due to an incorrect user name and when it happened in a bar chart.

The IT administrator can see reports for the selected date ranges by clicking the TOP APPLICATIONS, ACTIVITY, USER LOCATIONS, BROWSER & OS, TOP USERS or LOGIN FAILURES widgets.