Troubleshoot an Amazon Web Services connector

If you installed the connector in Amazon Web Services (AWS) but are not able to approve the connector in EAA, the connector did not deploy properly from AWS. You may need to make changes to the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in your AWS account. To troubleshoot:

How to

  1. Log in to your AWS account.
  2. Locate the connector instance.
  3. Make sure that the AWS network address translation (NAT) instance is correct in AWS.
    1. Verify the Instance type is correct. For the minimum NAT instance type, see Install a connector in Amazon Web Services.
    2. Verify the Public IP is correct. If this is incorrect, it affects whether traffic can flow in and out of the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
    3. Validate permission for AWS CloudFormation. To learn more about the AWS and access see Amazon’s Controlling Access with AWS Identity and Access Management.
  4. Make sure that the outbound TCP port 443 is open on both the edge firewall and the VPC NAT gateway.