Accelerate connector connectivity time with the cloud

You can accelerate the connection time of a connector to the cloud if you are waiting for connector to restart connectivity. Note that any applications linked to the connector will not be reachable.

Make sure that the connector virtual machine (VM) is running and not currently shut down.

How to

  1. Make sure that the connector VM can reach the Internet and the Akamai cloud. To confirm reachability:
    1. Go to the Connector Console. Press ALT+F3 (for Mac users: FN+ALT+F3).
    2. Verify your IP and DNS configuration. Select 4) Print Current IPV4 Configuration.
    3. Once complete, press Esc to return to the configuration menu.
    4. Verify connectivity. Select 5) Check Reachability to Cloud. The connector uses and to ensure connectivity.
    5. Press Esc to return to the configuration menu.
  2. If your connectors are running within Amazon, make sure the connector instance is configured with the correct security policies to allow outbound traffic to any IP for port 443.