Set a temporary lockout for multiple failed login attempts

How to

  1. Log in to the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Management Portal
  2. From the top menu bar click Identity > Identity Providers.
  3. Locate the identity provider (IdP) you wish to configure or Add a new identity provider.
  4. Click the Settings (gear) icon.
    The IdP General Settings page opens.
  5. Click Advanced Settings.
  6. Select Temporary Account Lockout on Login Failures.
  7. In the Account Lockout Failed Attempts field, enter the number of attempts a user is allowed before they are temporarily locked out. The default attempts setting is 5.
  8. In the Account Lockout Duration field, enter the number of minutes the user is locked out. If no value is entered, the default duration is set to 15 minutes.
  9. To save the changes click Save & Exit or Save and go to Deployment.

Next steps

For the changes to go into effect, Deploy the identity provider.