Application groups for rewrite rules

Create rewrite rules for related applications in a group.

Application groups allow you to apply rewrite rules across distinct applications that are related to one another. In EAA each application is independently considered and rewrite rules must be independently written. However, rewrite rules may apply to multiple applications. Applying rewrite rules across multiple, related applications can be cumbersome at an individual level. EAA application groups allow you to apply rewrite rules to multiple applications at once.

For example, consider the Atlassian products of JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket. These are three different applications in the Atlassian group. In the EAA rewrite group, you identify the related applications and add applications links to the rewrite rule only once. When you deploy the application group, the rewrite rule applies to all of the applications in the group. Application group enables you to apply the rule and deploy once instead of three separate times for each application in the group.

Note: For Japanese language, you can use a maximum of 240 characters for the group name.