Configure single host access and application groups for accessing HTTP Access applications

Use single host access feature for multiple web applications.

To use single host access to multiple web applications in EAA you should follow procedure:

How to

  1. Create and configure HTTP(s) Access Applications or Web Applications in EAA.
  2. Create an application group, enable single host access, provide the single host FQDN, add the URL paths, and add the EAA applications to this application group.
    1. Log in to the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Management Portal
    2. From the top menu bar click System > Application Groups > Add Group.
    3. Enter a group name, description and click Create group and configure.
    4. In Rewrite group info section, click Enable Single Host Access.
    5. For Single Host FQDN, provide the single host fully qualified domain name for all your applications, like your organization URL.
    6. Click Add or remove applications. The assigned application window appears.
    7. Select one, many or all access applications:
      • For selecting one or few applications:

        Select the access applications that you want to add to this group, by clicking it in the Available Applications column. The application appears in the Assigned Applications column. Repeat until all desired applications are added to the group.

      • For selecting all applications:

        Click Select all in the Available Applications column. All applications move to the Assigned Applications column.

    8. Click Done.
    9. For URL path, provide the URL path for each application.
    10. Click Save and go to deployment.
    11. Click Deploy Group.
    12. Wait for all applications to be deployed. You will see App Deployed status for each application in this application group.
  3. Configure proxy rules in ION/proxy to redirect all Single Host URL requests to specific EAA Application URL based on the URL path in the request. For more details, see ION documentation