Verify that the connector was successfully created in Microsoft Azure

Complete the following procedure to verify that the connector is successfully created in Microsoft Azure and is running in EAA.

How to

  1. Verify the virtual machine was created in Microsoft Azure:
    1. In the Microsoft Azure left menu, click the Virtual Machines icon.
    2. Verify that the virtual machine appears and is running.
  2. Verify the connector is running in EAA:
    1. Return to the EAA Management Portal and go to the Connectors tab.
    2. Verify that the connector you created shows the private and public IP addresses. The system asks you to approve the connector. Click Click here to approve.
    3. Wait while the EAA service verifies the connector. A success message appears when the Docker-based connector is running as a container.

Deploy a second Azure template

To deploy a second Azure connector, the template for the second connector must be modified a little to reference a different public IP address and storage for the connector.

  1. Change the item publicIPAddressName to publicIp2.
  2. Change the items of vhd and name. Change "osDisk": {"caching": "ReadWrite", "vhd": {"uri": "[concat('http://',variables('storageAccountName'),'','osdisk2.vhd')]"}, "createOption": "FromImage", "name": "osdisk2"